Brittany Estrada

I help women create incredible health and vitality, so they can live the life of their dreams.   

Whether you are struggling with hormonal imbalances, or you're wanting to consciously call in your baby, my holistic approach can support you. Combining the science of functional medicine and the wisdom of womb healing, I'll customize a plan that is totally unique to you. Let me show you how different it can feel to step outside of the conventional medical model and into integrative, sacred work.

In-person services are provided at our office located inside Spine & Sport Institute in Brentwood, Tennessee. Select services may be provided in the client's home for an additional fee. 

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My why

I can help because I've been there. Really, I can help because I'm there now.

Hormonal imbalances, mood issues, a miscarriage, skin problems, leaky gut, irregular periods, sub-optimal fertility.... I've navigated so many of these health challenges myself, and I've supported hundreds of women over my decade-long career as a Nurse Practitioner. I know how it feels to not get the answers (or support) you desire from your healthcare provider, so I set out to create a new model for helping women to heal. 

What I offer

Connect & Conceive

I created this offering for women and their partners who are facing fertility challenges. Together we'll work to uncover any root cause issues, while I guide you in building a deeper connection to your body, and your partner. You deserve to feel held and supported on your journey to parenthood and I would be honored to walk with you.

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What I offer

Womb Healing

The womb is a sacred vessel within the female body and she can hold both physical and emotional pain. Womb healing combines clinical visceral manipulation techniques, energy work, aromatherapy, corrective exercise (and more) to support optimal function and overall health. Each session is intuitively guided and designed to support your unique needs. 

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What I offer

Personalized Medicine

Are you tired of struggling with debilitating symptoms like heavy, painful periods, fatigue, and mood swings? Maybe you've been told all your labs look normal, but you know something isn't right. This is where a root cause approach can be life-changing! Together we'll deep dive into your story and create a plan that aligns with your needs and desires, so you can finally heal!

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Meet Our Nurse

margot Albin

Hi I’m Margot! I began my nursing career in 2015, specializing in Oncology. Years later, my interest in women’s health blossomed during my journey of trying to conceive. After several unsuccessful months and a new diagnosis of endometriosis, I started to wonder how I could be better prioritizing and optimizing my health during such a sacred time. After eventually becoming pregnant and carrying my baby to term, my fascination with the power and magnificence of the female body grew exponentially and I felt called towards a pivot on my nursing path. I am deeply grateful to now be able support and empower women experiencing their own individual challenges on their journeys towards motherhood. Alongside my nursing degree, I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training (2020) and Plantfolk herbal medicine certification (2023) and love incorporating aspects of yoga, mindfulness and herbalism into my daily life and wellness routines. In my spare time you’ll find me sipping tea, knitting, swimming or on nature walks with my wonderful husband and son. I’m an INFJ to my core and love listening and building deep relationships with others and I so look forward to connecting with you, too! 

I first found Brittany in 2021 when I was a few months postpartum from my first birth that ended in a C section. I reached out looking for healing support and mercier therapy after a rather traumatic birthing experience. She was incredible to work with and boy am I glad I found her. Our journey had only just begun together! Fast forward to 1 year postpartum and I was hit with an infection that resulted from the c section. I truly believe Brittany’s work is the reason we found the infection. After 2 surgeries (1 being a total c section repair..) I called Brittany for help again. I can’t begin to explain how thankful I am for the time, energy and work Brittany put in for myself and my husband. We were struggling to get pregnant with baby #2 and I was still struggling with the healing from multiples surgeries. The time and energy devoted to my healing physically and mentally was more than I anticipated and I truly believe she is the reason we were able to get pregnant so fast (after trying for 8 months prior to seeing her). This pregnancy has been 10 times better than my last and I honestly believe Brittany is a big part of it. Brittany - we are so thankful for you. 

- Cate, {almost} 26 weeks pregnant!

Leah navigated thyroid issues through new motehrhood

I have been so fortunate to work with Brittany through 2 pregnancies and postpartums now and I can’t say enough as to how helpful it’s been. Not only does she have first hand experience, but her approach is simple and digestible and never feels overwhelming. Routine labs and blood work alone can feel stressful, much less getting them read back and coming up with an actionable plan moving forward on how to improve things. It’s a lot and sometimes can be discouraging. Without the professional guidance from Brittany and her simple yet effective approach, I would have felt lost and overwhelmed numerous times, but I truly never did. I’m so thankful for her guidance and I feel like my best self at 15 months postpartum which has allowed me to show up for my family in ways that I’m forever grateful for.

Rebecca has healed through incorporating ceremony

Circles with Britt are, in a word, expansive. The space that she builds is comfortable, delicate, and inviting. There is a knowing that we are all seen and loved. Adding Ceremony and incorporating Divine Feminine principles has been transformative for my spiritual life. I wish that every woman could experience it.

Kara got pregnant after years of TTC

I appreciate Brittany's care and concern in providing the best holistic care for me! She is not a quitter! Besides her stellar service, she also has a compassionate heart. I can NOT think of a better field for her to be in. Such a gift! I would recommend her a million times over to any woman and to any mama!

Lindsey Healed her hormones and is thriving

Britt not only supported me, but she educated me to fully understand my body. As a mom, she's also a comforting person who welcomes you with open arms, validates the hard in motherhood, while being a role model to mamas everywhere.

What makes me different

Concierge Support

My practice is small and I like it that way! My clients get direct access to me, not an answering service. Our work together is a sacred partnership and I am here for you every step of the way.

A Holistic Approach

My love for learning has led me to pursue trainings in everything from functional fitness to herbal medicine. My unique qualifications allow me to truly support your mind, body, and soul as we navigate your health challenges together.

My Experience

With well over a decade of experience, I have the skillset to support an array of complex symptoms. AND I have an incredible network of fellow providers who I can reach out to for additional support, if we feel like we've hit a roadblock.


Let's work together, yeah yeah yeah!

I believe the practitioner-client relationship is sacred and ensuring the two are in alignment is crucial to the client's healing journey. It is for this reason that I always recommend a connection call prior to booking with me. This is the perfect way to ask questions and address any concerns you may have. 

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